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About SOS-Ministries

A New Perspective on Singleness

Popular Christian culture’s singleness narrative states that singleness is a gift/calling even and especially if it’s unwanted. Singles yearning for marriage are given pious platitudes like the following; God is all you need, wait on the Lord, and God will send you the right one in his time. The only choices offered are to either gladly bare or deny the pain of unwanted singleness. SOS-Ministries offers a new perspective. To all the longing hearts sending out an SOS we say; your pain is valid, your need is legitimate and your heart’s cry has been heard and provided for by a caring God.  

Our Vision

Changed Stories

We are changing lives by changing the narrative. The truth is, popular Christian culture’s message is neither helpful nor biblical. Singleness is not a divine boot camp that trains people to find their satisfaction in God. It is merely a stage of life that we all start in and are free to leave if and when we so desire. Biblically singleness is not a God-given gift; it is a God-given choice. SOS-Ministries exists to minister to hurting hearts and equip struggling singles to break free from unwanted singleness and reclaim the God-given agency in their love lives.

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